The American people have never let a court decision quell their love of bickering. We will continue to debate gay marriage in our schools, our churches, our bars and at our watercoolers. Now, though, a class of American citizens won't have their rights restricted while we have this debate.

Same Sex Marriage Is Legal

This website has devoted many many words to the fight for marriage equality over the years. Today's monumental ruling by the Supreme Court that finally, inevitably made same sex marriage legal is a victory worthy of great celebration. In time, I will have processed the information enough to write something marginally compelling, but for the … Continue reading Same Sex Marriage Is Legal

Welcome to New Orleans: Another 48 Hours

I arrived in New Orleans 3:15, local time, an hour later than scheduled due to storms in my layover city, Houston.  Upon setting foot in NOLA, I found a cab and met the new roommate at our apartment. She had already warned me that, thanks to Hurricane Isaac’s visit earlier in the week, our apartment … Continue reading Welcome to New Orleans: Another 48 Hours