I Filled My Moleskine Journal Today

Going back through a journal is always a revealing way to revisit a period of your life. I’ve never been a diary kind of person. Even with this blog, I rarely write this kind of post, the ‘what happened to me today,’ type. But looking through this most recently completed journal was very strange. A little sad.

A Return Trip

In less than a week, I will fly out of Nashville on my way to Seattle. But before I hit the Emerald City, I'm taking a detour through the Windy City. As you know, Chicago was my previous city, a city that encompasses all that I love about urban living.  Getting a chance to return … Continue reading A Return Trip

Thoughts during an illness.

I'm flu-ish and on medicine and I thought of writing this post while I was unable to sleep last night, so let's hope it manages to stay coherent.  If not, enjoy the ride. (Some fitting musical accompaniment for this post.) Ever since I've been on my own, starting with my freshmen year of college, there … Continue reading Thoughts during an illness.