The Road Taken

It's something to accept - when I'm broke, when I'm sick, when I'm uncertain how far away from normalcy my next detour will take me - that every path leads to regrets, if I allow it to. I don't know how this one is going to turn out.

Looking For Work in Obama’s America

It looks like I have a job here in NOLA. After less than a month of looking (the first two weeks were a wash as I was exploring the city and anticipating a visit to Kansas), I'll be getting back into the food service industry that I prefer. My situation obviously isn't what one might … Continue reading Looking For Work in Obama’s America

Google, You Are Fucking My Shit Up

Myopic With my current job soon to expire, I'm out there beating the streets (and the internets) looking for work.  I've turned in probably 30 applications and/or resumes over the past month, and I will continue to do so as long as I haven't found anything. One glaring hindrance when looking for work is the … Continue reading Google, You Are Fucking My Shit Up

Class Warfare: Addendum

I wrote this piece a few days back about the so-called "Class Warfare" of Obama's new proposed tax increases. I think it rang true for a lot of people, but there are those who disagree and I think their view is summed up in this opinion piece in the Washington Post by ultra-Conservative, German tool, … Continue reading Class Warfare: Addendum

A Reprieve

I was starting to think Nashville was going to be my Waterloo.  But a job has presented itself.  A pathetic, low-paying job, but a job. To be fair, I get pretty pessimistic in every city.  But there was a perfect storm of issues here that made this city seem especially hopeless:  Relational, Mental, Economic (national), … Continue reading A Reprieve