Alternate Musical History: Radiohead

I love Radiohead.  I've never been subtle on that point.  I love Radiohead in their The Bends era rock mode.  I love Radiohead in their 'glitchy' Kid A era.  I love Radiohead when their lead singer goes solo or goes dancing.  And I especially love Radiohead when they go Punk Floyd.  Even as an unwaveringly … Continue reading Alternate Musical History: Radiohead

10 Years On: Revisiting Kid A

There are great albums.  There are seminal albums.  There are divisive albums.  There are underestimated albums. Radiohead's Kid A manages to be all of them in one mesmerizing album. 10 years is an interesting vantage point.  Sure, it's an arbitrary period of time that stands out only because we evolved relying on a base ten … Continue reading 10 Years On: Revisiting Kid A