BARchetypes: The One Who’s Gonna Die Here

It's been some time since I wrote 1 of these, but seeing as I'm in my last month, I figured I'd bring back this feature for an appropriate send off. Bar regulars are a varied lot. There are the assholes and the loners, but somewhere in between sits the patron saint of all drunks: The … Continue reading BARchetypes: The One Who’s Gonna Die Here

BARchetypes: Boobs McGee

All kinds of men regularly hang out in bars.  Drunks, alcoholics, Catholics. But there is really only one kind of women who is a true barfly.* Boobs McGee You can call her Ms. McGee, or Mrs. McGee (if she's of a certain age), but never call her Boobs. Our fair maiden learned something at a … Continue reading BARchetypes: Boobs McGee