Notes From the Past: Family, Love and Turkey Bowling

Come with me on a journey into the ancient past: 2005.

BARchetypes: That guy who remembers me

I'm bad with names.  I'm also bad with faces.  And places. Chances are, if I haven't seen you in the last 15 minutes, I'm not going to remember you.  5 if I've been drinking. This puts me at a considerable disadvantage when I'm in a bar, because there's always bound to be That Guy, Who … Continue reading BARchetypes: That guy who remembers me

Father’s Day

On the last day of Spring, they’re going to give my dad a medal for killing gooks and raising children in the Reagan eighties Outside, drenched in starlight and the muggy grasp of a Midwest Summer’s eve I’ll cradle a glass of eighty proof and melted ice “A toast to abandonment” to recall, fondly, being … Continue reading Father’s Day