1000 Words

I’m currently in Paris, France (or somewhere in the air between Paris and Madrid). While I’m traveling, I wanted to draw your attention to a section of the website you may have never noticed.

Up on the menu above, you will see the option 1000 Words. That’s where I post my photo portfolios. I’ve only added a few so far, but today I’ve added my most recent. Like I said in my previous post, I’ve been looking to expand my photo skills. This past week, I was fortunate enough to shoot with a fantastic model, Nicholettee, who, like me, has transplanted from the States to Madrid.

I’ve never done a shoot like this and I learned a lot, mostly through mistakes, naturally. I’m working with minimal equipment, so it forced me to look for creative solutions, especially as the light waned.

I hope you’ll check out the set I’ve added to 1000 Words. It’s a set of 20 pictures, only a fraction of the over 200 photos we took together. I anticipate be even more model shoots in the future, and always opportunities to improve.

As far as first times go, though, this couldn’t have been better or more fun.

And next week, I’ll tell you about Paris.



Vida futura