Count the days… Again. And Again. And Again. AND Again.

Here it is, 1 month until I'm in Boston. 1 month until I begin my penultimate year. 1 month until I become a permanent resident of the Northeast (well, sort of permanent). 1 month and the end is in sight.

Are You Taking Notes?

With all the people I meet who learn of my project, I inevitably end up rehashing a lot of the same material.  The list of cities I've lived in gets rattled off with all the rhythmic precision of a scripted speech.  My favorite city? How do I pick my cities? What will I do when … Continue reading Are You Taking Notes?

The words we say aren’t meant for anyone.

Recently, while sitting in the back room of my job on a break, I was somewhat captive audience to a conversation between two coworkers that required a little personal research after the fact.  The conversation spring-boarded off of the topic of the Texas School Board's destruction of legitimate education, turning to the tyranny of history. … Continue reading The words we say aren’t meant for anyone.

A dream is what you wanna do, but still haven’t pursued…

Last night I had one of those vivid, surprising dreams that, at least for me, only come around once every few years. I'm not one for fantastical dreams, I have never flown in a dream or been a superhero (I did once have a dream where Spider-man had turned evil and was trying to kill … Continue reading A dream is what you wanna do, but still haven’t pursued…

Count the days

Two weeks after I graduated college, I left my hometown, the place I had lived for the entirety of my 22 years and began an, admittedly, ambitious journey. The rules of my new life were simple: Move to a new city every year for 10 years, experience the far reaches of the United States (and hopefully other sectors of the world) and allow for a personal evolution.