10 Years in Music

If you’ll indulge me, I’m going to take another look back at my project, this time through song.

The 6 Best: My Favorite Albums of 10 Cities/10 Years, So Far

As I head into my 7th year of a 10 year project, I'm looking back on the art that I've discovered in my first 6 cities.  I'm examining the music, films and literature that have had the greatest impact on my life throughout the previous 6 cities.  In doing so, I'm only discussing the albums, … Continue reading The 6 Best: My Favorite Albums of 10 Cities/10 Years, So Far

The Rules for a Concertgoer

In the nearly eleven months that I've lived hear in Nashville, aka Music City, I've seen my share of live music, mostly of the local variety, some strangers I've seen at a random open mic, some exceptionally talented friends and coworkers playing shows or simply sitting in living rooms (check out The August for some … Continue reading The Rules for a Concertgoer

Random Video: Star Witness

Hear the album version here. I first heard this song while I was living in Charlotte.  It was on a Paste Magazine Music Sampler (back in the day when they had a print magazine). I was mesmerized by it back then.  I still am.  Neko Case has an incomparable voice, a weapon of unmatched ferocity. … Continue reading Random Video: Star Witness