10 Years in Music

If you’ll indulge me, I’m going to take another look back at my project, this time through song.

Alternate Musical History: Radiohead

I love Radiohead.  I've never been subtle on that point.  I love Radiohead in their The Bends era rock mode.  I love Radiohead in their 'glitchy' Kid A era.  I love Radiohead when their lead singer goes solo or goes dancing.  And I especially love Radiohead when they go Punk Floyd.  Even as an unwaveringly … Continue reading Alternate Musical History: Radiohead

Instrument: A Review and a Reflection

As part of my new monthly feature to explore the music of Fugazi, I tracked down a copy of the documentary, "Instrument" so that I could deepen my knowledge (and hopefully appreciation) of their music. There are many ways to approach a music documentary and a variety of reasons why it might appeal to one … Continue reading Instrument: A Review and a Reflection

Random Video: Palo Alto

Apparently it's Radiohead week around these parts, and that is A-OK with me. The above video is taken from the documentary, "Meeting People Is Easy," the Grant Gee flick in which he followed Radiohead on their world tour after the release and surprise success of world-changing opus, "OK Computer."  (Yeah, I'm a fanboy.) 'Palo Alto' … Continue reading Random Video: Palo Alto