The twelve miles from your sanctuary to civilization is paved with good intentions and overrun by weeds The graffiti-scratched stone walls trace back to the past like a holy scroll with no bodies to find, only empty tombs dug by bloodied knuckles A metaphor, but no less true for it Repentance comes easy and absolution, … Continue reading Sacrosanct


You sleep long hours, Bethany and dream of almost nothing In waking chills you smell the calm sea like martyrs’ singing blood You return, you return, and again, you return to hollow, filthy beds Now, once more, at living peace you tell fables of your decency You write short letters, Bethany of love, of need, … Continue reading Bethany

The City Waves Goodbye

Long-haired summer Saturdays an hour before it gets holistically hot You're still in bed if memory serves but when does memory ever serve? Just good mornings and goodbyes everything else is a pact with the devil, my soul for a window seat on the train and a silent phone Getting home isn't quite so simple … Continue reading The City Waves Goodbye

I Forgot To Tell You, Your Dad Called Last Week, He Said, ‘Happy Birthday.’

[I don't remember exactly when I wrote this, a couple years ago at least.  I enjoy how low art it is.] In my defense the marks on your wrists could have been from the cat - Though I see your point We had her declawed. I’m not quite ready to pack up your things I … Continue reading I Forgot To Tell You, Your Dad Called Last Week, He Said, ‘Happy Birthday.’