10 Years in Music

If you’ll indulge me, I’m going to take another look back at my project, this time through song.

Random Video: Wish You Were Here

This is my favorite love song, even though it's from Ryan's most uneven album. This is the sort of song that, if a girl likes this song, I'll immediately fall head over heels. It's kind of childish, very nihilistic and totally unhealthy, and in that way, it is pretty much everything that I have experienced … Continue reading Random Video: Wish You Were Here

The 5 Best Unreleased Ryan Adams Songs

Considering how prolific and unfettered the man is, it's kind of suprising that there are any songs Ryan Adams hasn't released.  Even in semi-retirement, he still managed to release the double album III/IV, recorded with his Cardinals cohorts, a true clearing house collection if ever there was one (there's a couple of winners on there, … Continue reading The 5 Best Unreleased Ryan Adams Songs

5 Songs I’m Loving Now – 11/26/11

Alex Winston - Locomotive Sounding like a female-fronted Passion Pit, this song has insidiously drilled itself into my head.  One of the few songs that plays at work and doesn't drive me  nuts (especially at this time of the year), I can listen to this over and over again.  Plus, the repeated refrain, "I wish … Continue reading 5 Songs I’m Loving Now – 11/26/11