A Weekend in Seattle

A visitor from the East came for the past few days, which gave me an excuse to be a bit of a tourist in Seattle.  Along with the Seattle Aquarium, the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, we saw Ryan Adams in concert at Benaroya Hall ("Soccer Sticker!"), ate at Benihana's (the novelty has worn … Continue reading A Weekend in Seattle

10 Years On: Revisiting Gold

With about a month before the release of Ryan Adams’ first new album since the unimpressive Cardinals team up, “Cardinology,” I think it’s well worth looking back at the album that truly initiated Ryan’s solo career almost exactly ten years ago, “Gold.” While his technical first (and still best) solo album was “Heartbreaker,” “Gold” often … Continue reading 10 Years On: Revisiting Gold

The Worst Date

Some stories are funny when they happen.  Some stories require distance before the underlying humor can be obvious.  And then there are stories that are too dark to ever really be funny. I'm not sure if this next story falls into the second or the third category, but I'm going to tell it here and … Continue reading The Worst Date