Quote Mining

"There's a difference between philosophy and a bumper sticker." ~ Charles M. Schulz My how we love our quotes.  They're short, often pithy, relatively easy to remember (give or take a word or two).  Put simply, they are, well, quotable. They sure make life easier.  And the internet has made it easier than ever to … Continue reading Quote Mining

Lincoln Park Zoo – Chicago

It was a sunny, 80° day here in Chicago, so to the Zoo we went. (On an unrelated note, today marks exactly 5 years that I have been on the road, so to speak.  5 Cities in 5 Years, and 5 to go.) Enjoy some animals, wild and otherwise.

Functioning Religioholics.

With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. ~ Steven Weinberg God, I love whiskey.  Love, love, love it.  I also have a sweet little thing going with Vodka, on the side.  And if … Continue reading Functioning Religioholics.

Rationalism vs. Irrationalism: Why I Will Not Apologize For Questioning Your Faith

Welcome Pharyngula-ites!  Thanks PZ for the mention. Why am I so hard on religious people? Why keep harping on this subject? It is a fair question.  After all, I have family members who are religious.  I have friends who believe in God and are participants in practices of faith.  Most of the world believes in … Continue reading Rationalism vs. Irrationalism: Why I Will Not Apologize For Questioning Your Faith

You’re An Idiot

"You're an idiot." ~ Dr. Gregory House The human mind, while truly one of the greatest achievements of Natural Selection, is easily deceived.  We, as a species of perceptive animals, tend to see patterns where none exist.  This is known as the Clustering Illusion, or Apophenia.  On the ground level, this simply means that we … Continue reading You’re An Idiot

Jesus Makes Me Want To Cry

Emotional response.  It's such an easy thing to scorn.  When you're a callous asshole like me, dismissing emotion is natural. But, don't be misled, I love to have my emotions played with.   I'm a sucker for the television season finales with the tragic turn (Wilson loved her!) We respond to art first and foremost with … Continue reading Jesus Makes Me Want To Cry

Ben Stein Is a Huge Douche Bag

Admit it, you used to love Ben Stein.  He was the "Bueller, Bueller, Bueller" guy: In retrospect, it's sort of the least funny part of that movie now that we know that Ben Stein wasn't playing a character, he was just playing himself.  But still, everyone knows, "Anyone... Anyone?" And then he went on to … Continue reading Ben Stein Is a Huge Douche Bag