The Road Trip: Day 5 (D.C. II)

When I awoke on my second day in Washington, D.C., I didn’t have any firm plans other than getting a tour of the Washington Post (what can I say, I’m a nerd). My friend and I checked that out, ate brunch at Kramerbooks & Afterwards Cafe and then explored more of the city. The original plan had been for me to leave in the afternoon for Philadelphia, but it quickly became apparent that there was too much to see and do in the District.

I hadn’t been to the city in 9 years (egad) and all of my memories of the place were fond, so I opted to delay my departure and see just a little more of the city. Our next stop was the location where I had first served tables, Gordon Biersch, and then we headed towards the Mall for one of my favorite activities of all time, strolling through a museum.

The Smithsonian Museums have two great features: They’re impressively curated, and they’re free. God bless taxes. We only had time for one, so we selected the Natural History museum.

At night we had dinner and enjoyed a couple of bars, including one that is purported to be the only gay bar in northeast Virginia. Well worth the visit, if for no other reason than the plastic neon camels really add pizzazz to the drinks.

I could tell you more, but I’m told pictures say a thousand words, so I’ll be concise:

The Capital Building Smithsonian Castle Skeletons Reconstruction Pterodactyl Hope Diamond Gunshot Forget It, Jake Fatality Elephant Dupont Fountain

There’s a good chance the next time I post I’ll be in Boston. As always, check me out on Twitter and