Winter Comes to Boston

It's good to be cold. It's good to be uncomfortable, to feel the pain of cracked skin and chapped lips. It's good to feel the tears well in your eyes from the sheer force of nature's chill. And it sucks all the same.

Awaiting the Winter

It's an odd sensation to be anticipating the winter and the freezing weather that will accompany it, but after three straight years in cities that don't have real winters, there's an almost nostalgic - dare I say, romantic - aura around the idea of a snowstorm.

Road Trip to Seattle (Part 1)

As I’m prepping for my seventh move of the project, everybody seems to have an opinion on my destination city, Seattle. Beautiful. Fun. Expensive. Gray. But, as enjoyable as it is looking forward to a new city, my thoughts are also trailing back to a road trip years ago, my first and only attempt to … Continue reading Road Trip to Seattle (Part 1)