“My mom said I was always a happy baby.” The Suicide of Martin Manley

Martin Manley killed himself. This in and of itself isn't so unique. Thousands of suicides happen without much notice. What makes his suicide bizarre is that he created a website to explain his reasons for his actions.


“So You’re Offended, So Fucking What?”

~ Stephen Fry Let's skip the foreplay: Once again, a comedian has gotten themselves into trouble for a bit he did in his stand-up. This pretty much happens every other week. Offense was taken, the internet has thoughts. Here are mine. Daniel Tosh (of Tosh.0 fame, though he was doing far better stuff before that) … Continue reading “So You’re Offended, So Fucking What?”

Have you ever heard the one about…

*** WARNING *** THIS POST IS NSFW *** THIS POST IS NOT SAFE FOR EASILY OFFENDED PEOPLE *** THIS POST IS NOT SAFE FOR FUCKING PUSSIES *** (I'm letting you know early, just so you're safe, you precious flower.) The recent brouhaha over at NBC concerning The Tonight Show (with Conan O'Brien; as it should … Continue reading Have you ever heard the one about…