The Mary Jacket

It was an ugly, brown polyester gas station attendant’s jacket, made all the more unsightly by large rips, frayed edges, and a phalanx of safety pins. I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.

Happiness, The Pursuit of

"'Money doesn't buy happiness.'  Do you live in America?  Because it buys a waverunner." ~ Daniel Tosh Is the greatest pursuit in life truly happiness? Is it really that simple? I think most people would say that finding happiness is the clearest, purest goal that any person could have.  Whether theist or atheist, general consensus … Continue reading Happiness, The Pursuit of

Stuff; or, How Radiohead is Setting Us Free

Monday morning, The Greatest Band On Earth (official title given by the Pope), announced that they were releasing their newest album, The King of Limbs, less than a week from now, Saturday. This has made me more than a little giddy. What Radiohead has done, yet again, is set up a situation where almost everyone … Continue reading Stuff; or, How Radiohead is Setting Us Free

A Song I’m Loving Now – Life Before Aesthetics

Life Before Aesthetics ~ Denison Witmer (right click the song title and Save As to download) This is actually a song I've been loving for quite some time, but considering my current living arrangements, it certainly strikes home.  I won't normally post someone else's words here (unless I'm quoting them), but this song is a … Continue reading A Song I’m Loving Now – Life Before Aesthetics