What If Heaven Is A Thought?

death, after life,
not heaven, not hell, not mere.
Eternal somethingness, ethereal wire connections.
All that we ever were, all that we ever will be.
Such a waste
your hours spent not thinking
avoiding that what confuses
when life should be spent pondering
that what confounds us.
The immortal emptiness lays you low
and into abyss you enter.
Only mind, only matter, soulless and deadeyed.
Alone with our thoughts.

Eternity thinking about thinking eternity.

all your “Bewares:”
“Don’t overthink it.”
“Too smart for your own good.”
“Why does it matter?”
It matters
What if heaven is not a home for the soul
but a playground for the mind?
Where thoughts born on earth ripple, replicate
nourish and reincarnate.
Redefine omniscience: Not knowing all
Learning all.
Our brainwaves are all that cross over
into perpetual imagination.
Then hell is living forever
with nothing to think about.


Thought of the Day: Film Idea

After watching the brooding film, “A Serious Man” (by the Coen Brothers), and the exquisitely shot “A Single Man” (starring the undeniably handsome Colin Firth), I feel like the rule of threes requires one more film:  “A Sober Man.”

Now, I’d script it, but they always say write what you know.

"I didn't win an Oscar for playing gay." "Me either."

Vote on my next city

Thought of the Day: Teachers Unions

It’s obvious why Republicans are gleefully undermining education in this country by attacking Teachers Unions and stripping their pay and benefits.

They got a retard to be the most powerful leader in the world for 8 years, so they figure, “Who needs an education?”

To the people who think teachers get paid too much, but millionaires shouldn’t have tax increases:  Go fuck yourselves.

Thought of the Day: So Bad It’s Good

People need to stop saying this:

“I hoped it would be so bad it was good.  But it was just bad.”

First off, the whole ‘so bad it’s good’ thing is fairly overplayed.  Yeah, I get it, you enjoy watching poorly made movies because they can be funny and/or make for good drinking games.  Hell, the brilliant MST3K is built on this formula, so I can appreciate the notion.  It’s not a totally irredeemable pastime, spending your time watching bad movies for the camp value.

But that only makes sense when it’s an established shitty movie.  There are rows upon rows (or, rather web page upon web page now that everyone uses Netflix) of shitty movies that have been certified as “So Bad It’s Good” classics.  Watch one of those.

Don’t waste $10 to go to a movie in theaters that you already know looks bad and then complain that the movie was bad.  That doesn’t make you a discerning movie nerd.  It just makes you a sucker.