I voted for Obama in 2008. I lived in San Francisco and when the election results came through, the city erupted in a celebration that I  must imagine was only rivaled by the rapturous joy in Chicago. On November 6th, 2012, we as a nation vote again, but no matter the winner, it seems unlikely … Continue reading Vote

I Want An Atheist President

#Iwantanatheistpresident It's May, now, which means only 4 years and 7 months until the 2016 presidential election. Of course, before that, we have to survive this one. Since Mitt Romney is the Republican Nominee (yes, I know, not technically, but...) and we have a 2-party system in which a 3rd party can never hope to … Continue reading I Want An Atheist President

The Importance of Being Apathetic: or, The Birth of a Liberal

For most of my young life well through college, I considered myself apathetic to politics because I didn't know enough about the issues to care (as a good little Christian Youth, I was Republican by association, but it wasn't something I got heated up about).  As I have little to no belief in the ability … Continue reading The Importance of Being Apathetic: or, The Birth of a Liberal

The words we say aren’t meant for anyone.

Recently, while sitting in the back room of my job on a break, I was somewhat captive audience to a conversation between two coworkers that required a little personal research after the fact.  The conversation spring-boarded off of the topic of the Texas School Board's destruction of legitimate education, turning to the tyranny of history. … Continue reading The words we say aren’t meant for anyone.

Quick thoughts on Political happenings…

Fascinating. I'm not much for politics, at least as far as when it comes to the actual machinations of the system.  As can be seen in congress right now, I think our system is too bogged down in "Have to get re-elected" mentalities to effectively accomplish much of anything. A healthy  suspicion of anybody in … Continue reading Quick thoughts on Political happenings…