The View from Outside the World

Fear is a natural reaction to the unknown. Terror is the most basic response to what is going on the world, but compassion should be as well. Empathy and a desire to understand, these should be just as powerful emotions within all of us or our world will continue to deteriorate. We can't keep pretending that just because something happens on the other side of an imaginary line that we won't be impacted.

Not With A Bang, But A ‘Whoomp’

This weekend in Seattle, the clouds broke for the first time in what seems like ages.  Sunlight blanketed the city and friends drank sangria on rooftops as boats passed through the Sound. But not all scenes were so idyllic.  On one grassy field, in some fiery hearts, a war was brewing. Here, in the shadow … Continue reading Not With A Bang, But A ‘Whoomp’

Father’s Day

On the last day of Spring, they’re going to give my dad a medal for killing gooks and raising children in the Reagan eighties Outside, drenched in starlight and the muggy grasp of a Midwest Summer’s eve I’ll cradle a glass of eighty proof and melted ice “A toast to abandonment” to recall, fondly, being … Continue reading Father’s Day

The Spoiled Victors and Their Bright Baby Blues

It was in the war for the world The second one, I believe That I started dropping bombs on your family home But they aren’t bombs if they sell You’re dusting the rubble off with your finest linens As if satin sheets could have saved Dresden Marriage is for suckers or the sucked dry Either … Continue reading The Spoiled Victors and Their Bright Baby Blues