September is over.

It's a rainy Sunday afternoon, the last day of September, bringing to a conclusion the first month of my year in New Orleans. 1/12th of a year over and where am I?Time goes slow in these first few months. On one hand, as each day passes in which I haven't landed a permanent job (well, … Continue reading September is over.

First Day of Spring Update

Hello fine people of the ether. I haven't written all that much lately, and I'm sure your days just haven't been the same.  Here I am to provide a little update to sate that aching thirst in your soul. After a rough few months known as "winter" where unexpected unemployment (thanks, Levi's) and Seattle's infamous … Continue reading First Day of Spring Update

Google, You Are Fucking My Shit Up

Myopic With my current job soon to expire, I'm out there beating the streets (and the internets) looking for work.  I've turned in probably 30 applications and/or resumes over the past month, and I will continue to do so as long as I haven't found anything. One glaring hindrance when looking for work is the … Continue reading Google, You Are Fucking My Shit Up