The Grind

(I'm loath to write this post, because the well-meaning responses it may illicit will undoubtedly annoy me.  But I write it anyway.) I've been grinding my teeth. I don't even realize I'm doing it.  I grind my teeth when I'm reading, when I'm watching television, when I'm at work.  Probably even when I'm sleeping.  I … Continue reading The Grind

Never Retire

This Sunday, the New York Times ran an opinion piece by Edward Glaeser entitled, "Goodbye, Golden Years." In it, Glaeser suggests that perhaps looking towards retirement isn't the only way to envision our grayer years.  He presents substantial numbers in the piece to compare the percentage of retired 65+ers now to previous decades, but the … Continue reading Never Retire

A Reprieve

I was starting to think Nashville was going to be my Waterloo.  But a job has presented itself.  A pathetic, low-paying job, but a job. To be fair, I get pretty pessimistic in every city.  But there was a perfect storm of issues here that made this city seem especially hopeless:  Relational, Mental, Economic (national), … Continue reading A Reprieve

The words we say aren’t meant for anyone.

Recently, while sitting in the back room of my job on a break, I was somewhat captive audience to a conversation between two coworkers that required a little personal research after the fact.  The conversation spring-boarded off of the topic of the Texas School Board's destruction of legitimate education, turning to the tyranny of history. … Continue reading The words we say aren’t meant for anyone.

Go do, you’ll know how to: Just let yourself give in to the floodtide

The process can be a difficult one. Here I am, just over two months out from my next move, and I am floating in that nebulous place yet again. I need to find an apartment in Nashville, without actually being able to see any apartments ahead of time (outside of what photos the landlords might … Continue reading Go do, you’ll know how to: Just let yourself give in to the floodtide