Lincoln Park Zoo – Chicago

It was a sunny, 80° day here in Chicago, so to the Zoo we went.

(On an unrelated note, today marks exactly 5 years that I have been on the road, so to speak.  5 Cities in 5 Years, and 5 to go.)

Enjoy some animals, wild and otherwise.

Aardvark Bird On A Branch Bird One Legging It Black and White Bird Cheetah First Visit to the Zoo Giraffe Gorilla Gorilla Call Hissing Roaches Inca Tern Foreground Inca Terns Lion 2 Lioness 2 Lions Lions 3 Mustache Bird Ostrich and Giraffe Ostrich Stare Down Penguins Prickly Bird Spider, Man Stork Tiger Tiger Burning Bright Vulture Profile Vulture Stare Down Warthog 2 Weird Fishes